Information as the Cause and Cure: How Technology Shapes Modern-day Conflicts (2012)

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This report analyzes the critical role information and communication technologies (ICT) play in modern-day conflict situations. The case studies of Rwanda, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Egypt and Mexico provide examples of how ICTs can be used for effective governance, transparency, security, peacekeeping, education and access to information.

I worked on this report as part of a team of eight graduate students from The New School University and worked on the case study for Egypt as well as the visual design of the final report. The report was written for our client organization United Nations-Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development (UN-GAID) as a capstone project for the Graduate Program in International Affairs.


Human Rights Watch and the Changing Media Landscape (2011)

Another class project for graduate school and the first video I ever worked on. We talked to Fred Abrahams, Special Advisor at Human Rights Watch and Jim Murphy, Senior Online Editor about how changes in digital media impact the work done by the organisation. For this video, I worked primarily on recording and editing, I also contributed to formulating the interview questions.

Producing this video was fun and challenging. Since this the first video I ever worked on, the camera work and editing is far from perfect. Nevertheless, I am still quite proud of it as I had to teach myself Final Cut 7 within a couple of days.